If it’s done with Light and Love it’s Right.

Question: What does” it”pertain to in this statement? Answer: everything and anything.

I’ve prayed for a stronger connection to God since I was a very young girl. I may not have known that’s what I was doing when I would say things like “God please God” in attempt to change things that couldn’t be changed. Like, the loss of a loved one or maybe a reprieve from a string of self induced bad luck.
Begging for a different outcome than what my actions put in motion, was never very productive. In fact, it was detrimental to my spiritual being. I was just setting myself up for failure. God does not want his children to fail, he does not set unattainable standards, it is our human self that puts forth limits.

On this spiritual journey I’m on, I found out that having faith was easier to attain than I thought. What led to this discovery of mine was simply opening my eyes and seeing what was around me.

1). I know that this world is comprised of so much more than I can conceive.
2). Our greatest minds, less than a century ago, would be amazed by some of today’s newest technologies and discoveries.
3). The circle of life (que in Sir Elton John). The change of seasons, the beauty of life and death, and so on.

Thy will be done not mine.
The God of my understanding is pure Love and Light. Not vengeful.
I might make mistakes but God does not.
I am, as I am meant to be and so are you.
Have faith that everything is as it should be.
If you use the gift of free will anything is possible.