Give a warm welcome to Simone Allison

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I have the honor of introducing the beautiful and talented Simone Allison to the Journey of Illumination family. Simone, will be bringing love and light to the site as a healer. She has extensive experience as a peer tutor while working in the healthcare industry. Simone, has an incredible talent of reading a persons vibration, allowing her keen insight to the heart of any situation. We will be working together to bring as much love and light to the world as possible.

Much Love,


Bio of Simone Allison Healer Of The Heart

Hi everyone I’m the lady with the big heart that will love you and encourage you no matter the circumstances. I’m here to empower that beautiful light that we are all born with.

What makes me be able to say this, Is I myself needed to be reminded of how bright that light really is. We are all born with a special gift that some of us needs a little reminder we still have. I will not only encourage you but also help you to understand how beautiful you are in and out. This process is not something that will happen over night. Like anything in this world it takes a lot of LOVE, UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE. You’re not going to like the feeling of discomfort, but as we all know with growth comes growing pain. It’s a wonderful feeling to have that pleasure of just being.

6 thoughts on “Give a warm welcome to Simone Allison

  1. Simon you have always had that bright light within. It is great that you have chosen to empower others.

    1. Simone you have always been able to make people feel good about themselves . I am so happy you have made the decision to help others on their journey of life.

  2. I think that’s real dope how u made it short and simple but it was still so much said.As a kid when u would tell me things that would help me as a young man I use to say to myself ” I think she’s a black panther” lol.Come to find out u was jus very smart.Thanx for sharing this with everyone.

  3. I’m extremely proud if you! You inspire me and i appreciate our friendship. Now the world will see your amazing gift. You’re easy to open up to and give positive insight and spiritual comfort in any situation….. Faith. Love. Joy. Love you!

  4. Just meeting you on this page I see your light…Thank you for taking the path of the way seer into helping to form our New Earth! Bless YOU!!! Heart to Heart Robyn

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