Customer Satisfaction

Kim, I just felt that I needed to email you today. I was the girl you saw at Barnes & Noble in Burlington last night. It was truly amazing what you did. I still can’t believe that it happened to me. It reminded me of the show on TV Long Island Medium and now I no why people are so touched when mediums come to YOU in public. After we spoke yesterday I was nearly in tears because I was so touched! I’m really just wondering what drew you to me I guess? I would also like to stay in contact because I LOVE this stuff I always have! So thank you Kim for what you did yesterday and never be afraid to do that to people in public because it is a day I will remember for the rest of my life I promise that! Thank you.

Michelle B. from Massachusetts



Kimberley is absolutely amazing!! She has been blessed with a wonderful talent. I have always been somewhat skeptical about psychics and even mediums, but after having a reading from Kimberley I am completely a believer. She brought tears to my eyes and chills through my body from confirming my inner thoughts. Kimberley has been able to guide me on making life decisions that I was unsure about. I am most thankful that Kimberley was able to channel my relatives that have passed, and she has put me at ease. Thank you so much Kimberley

Andrea L. – Long Island, NY

Long Island Light House



By S. Higgins

I have been following a path of personal enlightenment for decades and have met many beautiful souls who have helped me find the answers that I possess within.

I am blessed.

Kim came to me through kismet at a time when I was feeling defeated. She is a rare gem with wisdom beyond her years. No matter how far along you may be on your journey, our humanness can sometimes causes us to forget who we are and keep us stuck. If you need a gentle reminder, the time you spend with Kim will help you to reawaken your inner spirit.

I am grateful to know Kim, she is a beacon of light that you must meet for yourself.


5 thoughts on “Customer Satisfaction

  1. Hi Kim I just wanted to say after reading your posts.. I feel like I really know you..I feel light when I read your words..and even though we have never spoken..I feel you are a huge contribution to all who have the fortune to come in contact with are a huge gift.. and I thank you.. Heart to Heart Robyn

      1. Kim you have touched my heart huge as well …may our connection live in our hearts and help shine our world…. Brighter and Biighter… Feel free to post on my Blog anything you would like…(about your work)… or whatever moves you… i am just learning this cyber world so someday… I will learn to share your work on here…as I was SO happy I was able to share it on Facebook…your gifts SHINE!!!

      2. Kim sending love and light…just shared on facebook your beautiful heart space and journeyofillumination…seeing our New Earth light up with people like you!!!

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